Fund Access for Employees

RealBlocks delivers a seamless investment experience for your employees so that they can have conviction for their services and products.

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Jurisdictional Compliance

  • Performing KYC/AML and employee eligibility across 12 countries

  • Synthesize all the operational requirements of different jurisdictions into one seamless online experience

Decreased Burden on Internal Compliance and Operations Teams

  • Hand over all the complex compliance and ongoing operational work to the platform. Enable teams to allocate their time to higher value added activities in operations

Speed and Efficiency of Program Implementation

  • Conceptualize, implement, monitor, and manage the entire process through the platform

FINRA Licensed, 50 State Broker/Dealer

  • Option to mitigate corporate risk through use of unaffiliated broker/dealer

  • Employee eligibility assessment for multiple jurisdictions

  • Detailed KYC/AML compliance review

  • Fund administrator/transfer agent connectivity & automation

  • Marketing materials and updates

  • Ongoing investor account maintenance, capital calls, reporting, tax, distributions

  • 24x7 customer support

How it works

Employee Investor onboards directly
via White Label Platform.

Employee Investor, Front Office (FO), Middle Office (MO) and Back Office (BO) manage and monitor the entire lifecycle in a single system (‘single pane of glass’)

RealBlocks White Label Platform

Enables high volume of employee investors to enter the main fund in a risk-aware manner due to better integrations & standardized data definitions

Platform eliminates the requirement of setting up & administering feeder funds, thereby generating operational alpha

Fund Manager

End-to-End automated employee investor onboarding experience directly into the main fund

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