The Real Estate Blockchain

Real estate investing made easy.

What is RealBlocks?

RealBlocks is a two-sided platform for investing and raising capital for real estate by utilizing fiat and cryptocurrencies via blockchain technology. The platform and underlying technology is designed to allow a vibrant ecosystem of investors and opportunities to emerge and share in mutually beneficial transactions. Users will be able to credit their platform wallets with Digital/Fiat Currency and then purchase properties on the platform. User wallets will begin to accrue passive income from day one of the investment using property-specific smart contracts.

RealBlocks is an Ethereum smart-contracts governed ecosystem and funding platform focused on using the functionality of blockchain for improved liquidity, transparency, and security as well as a reduction in fees for secured real estate investments. The platform allows investors, globally, the ability to efficiently invest and fundraise for real estate offerings without the complications and excessive costs of securities registration.

  • Explore

    RealBlocks will afford its members global access to high-quality investment opportunities at a fraction of the typical fees and timelines currently associated with investing in real estate. Search from a portfolio of hundreds of these investment opportunities across the US Real Estate market. Customizable search options available for locations, deal size and the return expectations.

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  • Analyze

    Analyze the deal as well as the portfolio level returns for different real estate asset classes across different markets in the US. RealBlocks will use its experience curating, vetting and rating investment deals to allow its investors to access the additional opportunities through its platform.

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  • Invest

    The platform provides an excellent and intuitive user experience to help individuals and businesses invest. Each step of a transaction within this platform will be logged on the blockchain. This allows investors track the movement of their funds as well as the investment behavior and payback history of the assets of which they own an interest.

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  • Gain

    The property-specific smart contract will ensure that investors receive passive income on a monthly basis. Appreciation in the RLT token value and increase in the underlying property value (realized when the asset is disposed of) will other sources of income for the investors. Thus the investors on the RealBlocks platform will have exposure to both Real Estate and Cryptocurrency markets - both of which are known to be uncorrelated.

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  • Competitive Pricing and Terms

    Brokers listing on the platform get better pricing and terms compared to other online real estate and crowdfunding services. The expedited investing process with blockchain technology ensures a high deal flow on the platform.

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  • Quick Pricing and Pre-Qualifications

    The RealBlocks team and advisory board have an excellent track record and experience in all areas: real estate investment, portfolio development, asset management, value investing, capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions and lending. All the listed properties will undergo a rigorous process of vetting by the RealBlocks team. This includes but is not limited to title search, BPO, and ranking.

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  • Transparent Process

    To foster growth in the ecosystem and accountability, the RealBlocks team plans to hold all funds for investments in escrow until the close of each transaction. If an opportunity does not close, all funds collected will be returned to the respective investors.

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  • National Coverage

    The total addressable market of the platform include investors world over interested in U.S. real estate market. This global exposure is unparalleled in real estate industry and indicates the potential opportunity of business on the platform.

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  • List Your Property

    Unlock the capital in your real estate assets by listing your properties on our platform. Submit offering information for listing. Once reviewed and approved by our team, the listing will be added to the RealBlocks Blockchain and the platform for marketing and fundraising.

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  • Sign Deal

    The transaction deal will be signed once the marketed listing receives an offer. The deals will be structured such that tokenized ownership of real estate assets will be securely owned by the token holders, independent of the long-term demand for use of the RealBlocks platform.

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  • Get Liquidity

    Closing of the deal, will result in release of funds from the Master Limited Partnership to the landlord. RealBlocks will afford its members global access to high-quality investment opportunities at a fraction of the typical fees and timelines currently associated with investing in real estate.

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