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About RealBlocks About

RealBlocks is a two-sided platform that leverages the Ethereum blockchain for real estate capital markets. By allowing sponsors to raise capital globally through issuing tokenized securities, our platform provides sponsors with a unique opportunity for secondary liquidity. Our platform also allows investors to directly purchase ownership interest in real estate using digital and fiat currencies, while providing a mechanism for peer-to-peer liquidity. By using RealBlocks, anyone in the world is now able to directly invest, raise capital, and obtain liquidity for investments in real estate.

Meet Our Team Team

  • Perrin Quarshie

    Founder & CEO

  • Matt Grierson

    COO & Head of Product

  • Naman Srivastava

    VP of Finance & Analytics

  • Matt Jago

    Marketing Manager

  • Colin Sheppard

    VP of Engineering

  • Roderick Gill


Our Advisors Advisors

  • Joseph Stecher

    Former MD - Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley

  • Shawn Golhar

    Managing Director, Public Policy at Barclays

  • Christopher Fraley

    CIO, RealtyMogul

  • Stefan Martinovic

    VP Investments, Midwood Investment & Development

  • Fanny Zha

    Managing Director, International at Ground Matrix

  • Jon Zanoff

    Managing Director, Techstars

  • Bill Staniford

    Founder & CEO, PropertyShark

  • Vineeta Narula

    Faculty, Blockchain Research Institute

  • Alex Benke

    VP Advice & Investing, Betterment

  • Howard Rubin

    Senior Partner, Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP

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