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Our story

In 2017, RealBlocks was founded by Perrin Quarshie after he wanted to make it easier for investors to access private markets. Today, we see ourselves as the building blocks for the new era of investing in alternatives.

Benefits of working with us

Flexible & Understanding

We offer the option to travel and work out of different locations, allowing everyone to work closely with different teams and learn about different aspects of the business. Our hybrid workplace policy provides a flexible working environment for our team members.

Growth & Development

We offer a People Growth Program to support your evolution within the company, alongside close mentorship and career guidance from senior leadership.

Open & Transparent

The richness and diversity of experience at the firm will give you unprecedented depth unmatched by larger firms in the industry.

Helpful & Supportive

Our team consists of highly qualified, like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to having an environment that engages and excites our team members.

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Values That D.R.I.V.E. Our Success


We work in the fast paced world of fintech, and we always strive to constantly change and evolve. Our team members have to wear many hats and react on the fly, but where’s the fun in doing the same thing everyday? New challenges are bound to surface and our team is always ready to solve the next problem.


Being respectful is, first and foremost, the right thing to do. We treat everyone with respect, regardless of one’s background or identity; there’s no room for individuals who do not respect those around them. And a respectful workplace also empowers team members to speak up and help guide the direction of our organization!


RealBlocks is disrupting an established and traditional industry: alternative investments. It’s our ability to think outside of the box that allows us to solve problems in unique and new ways. Often times individuals can be stymied by invisible walls that restrict their creativity; we want to embrace the freedom to think differently because that’s how true innovation is ignited.


There are no shortcuts in our world of business. It’s imperative that we act in a moral and ethical manner because we’re dealing with incredibly important and sensitive matters. A client’s money and wellbeing is the foundation of our business and we will always act in the best interest of our clients.


RealBlocks attracts incredibly bright and driven people that want to make an impact with their work. We all aim to uphold a standard of excellence because we see our work as a reflection of ourselves. This means always giving your best; the team members around you are all counting on you (but always willing to help)!

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​​Perrin is the Founder & CEO of RealBlocks, an online platform that provides access and liquidity for alternative investments. RealBlocks democratizes access by lowering the required minimum investment amount, providing international access, and allowing for investor liquidity via secondary trading. Perrin began his career as a civil engineer at NAC International, where he focused on real estate development and finance of energy infrastructure projects.





Michael Hanus is the firm’s Head of Distribution and CIO. Mr. Hanus has more than 30 years of experience working with leading asset management organizations such as Wellington and Fidelity. He has also worked with some of the world’s largest asset management firms as a management consultant, leading teams on core issues of strategy, retail and institutional distribution and the use of digital tools within their distribution and investment management organizations.





Ashish Mittal is the Chief Technology Officer of RealBlocks. Mittal joined RealBlocks with more than 20 years of experience working as a fintech engineer and a leader in technology within the financial services industry. Most recently, he was at American Century Investments where he was responsible for investments management, operations and compliance technology.


Life at RealBlocks

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