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Diversify your rental property investments in a single transaction. We make it quick and easy.

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Quality Curated Inventory

Enjoy added benefits of investing in more than one properties on our platforms. Better deals terms, pricing flexibility for portfolio level investments. Let our real estate experts negotiate the best deal for you.

Variety of Diversification Options

Enjoy the diversification by investing not only in different asset classes but also in different markets in the US. Customize high risk and low risk investments to create a balanced portfolio based on your return expectations and investment goals.

Efficient Use of Your Capital

Customize the real estate exposure in your investments by selectively choosing properties which fulfil your capital deployment considerations. Make capital work more for generating similar returns as other asset classes while taking lower risks.

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Acquire the portfolio that’s perfect for you:

Invest in multiple properties with your predefined investment goals

  • Customize a Portfolio

    With RealBlocks’ experienced team evaluating the quality and risk-profile of various real estate investments, investors will have the ability to place capital into self-directed portfolios of investments that are tailored to the goals and risk-profile.

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  • Invest & Earn

    Invest in customizable real estate portfolio with a predefined investment horizons and return expectations. Enjoy three-fold returns from the monthly passive income, appreciation in the portfolio value and the RLT token prices.

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Advisor Assistance

Our experienced team with extensive industry experience from leading organizations providing financial and real estate investment services is here to assist to make the best investment decisions.

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