What are Open Alts?

Open Alts are digitized shares of alternatives investment products with enhanced levels of liquidity. These products are also accessible by a global audience of investors.

RealBlocks created a modern investment network for the first generation of Open Alts, allowing investors to take control of their alternatives portfolio by enabling them to buy and sell shares through a secondary market supported by a secure, end-to-end platform.

What is a closed alt?

Closed alts are exclusive, gated investments reserved for a limited pool of investors. For investors in regions outside of where funds are domiciled, the barriers to access these products are even higher. They are typically highly illiquid with long capital lock-up periods, preventing investors from taking control of how, when and where they invest in alternatives.

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Why Open Alts?

Access to alternative investments has traditionally been limited to institutional investors and a small sect of high-net-worth accredited investors. Recent regulatory changes have opened up the benefits of investing in alternative vehicles – real estate, private equity, hedge funds and infrastructure investments – but they are still subject to years of capital lock-up periods and illiquidity.

Desirable for an institution, but not suitable for the vast majority of investors.

Advances in technology and an increased demand from investors of all types has created a need in the market for a network able to connect the benefits of alternatives to a global landscape of investors, but without the high barriers to entry and lack of control that is typical for these types of investments. Through the RealBlocks network, alternative fund managers can now connect their product with investors around the world via financial intermediaries with Open Alts.