Downward fee pressure

In an environment where your growth is being stifled, the RealBlocks platform offers an opportunity to use technology to create new revenue streams while offering your clients diversified products in order to improve risk management and/or return potential for their portfolios.

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Operational burdens of buying & selling alternative investments

Gain access to our simplified solution for the buying and selling of alternatives so you can focus on what matters: building your business.

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The need for competitive differentiation

Stand out from the crowd with Open Alts. Open Alts provide your clients access to an asset class that was previously closed off to them by opening up a global network of innovative products and investors, offering an enhanced mechanism for liquidity, and the ability to tailor investment strategies that align with your clients’ immediate and future financial goals.

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How Open Alts can help your investors

For investors that aren't content with the status quo of traditional stock and bond investments...

The RealBlocks platform is designed to meet the needs of the modern investment community and its shifting investor philosophy focused on improving diversification and portfolio potential. Connect your clients with a network of global advisors & investors and access to new alternative investment strategies.


For investors that believe they are not having their financial expectations met...

With Open Alts, your clients gain access to a universe of products previously closed off to them, and with the benefits of liquidity, granting you greater control over your clients’ portfolio’s performance.


For investors that want to increase their exposure and activity with alternatives...

Invest in products and make decisions that meet the unique goals of your clients. Investing in Open Alts through RealBlocks enables performance-driven decision-making in the alternatives market.